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[22 May 2012|08:03pm]


My sweet old man. Remo. Adopting him is one of the best things I've ever done. I thought I was rescuing him, but he really rescued me.

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Dog food question [12 May 2010|02:49pm]

Hello all,

Ever since he was adopted, we have fed our pup Cooper only natural food (our prior 2 dogs died of digestive-related tumors/cancers so we've been extra cautious). However we recently received a 20lb bag of Pedigree free with a coupon, so I thought we'd just see if he'd eat it. Well for the last 24 hours he's been acting like he's on uppers. Has anyone else noticed this kind of effect? I'm pretty sure it correlates to the sugar/carb percentage difference in the normal foods he gets and this new bag. I'm pretty sure that I'll be going immediately back to our regular stuff because for a dog under 2 this added energy is just insane! Thoughts?

Oh, and here's a recent pic just to give you an idea of what he looks like in case you forgot :)

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My puppy love's first trip to the coast - aka "what is this sand stuff?" [27 Dec 2009|06:06pm]


yes, he dug that hole

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Help me win $5000 for my local Humane Society! [19 Sep 2009|12:19am]

Feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

I LOVE My dog, and he's a top-10 finalist in a dog-food contest. If he's selected the winner, we get dog food for life, $5000 for our animal charity of choice (the humane society we adopted him from) and a few other perks for me/us. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your vote and comment! We're only a handful of votes behind, and the contest ends September 22, so I'm trying to push now! http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/PhotosAlbums/PhotoView.aspx?qsi=19512752 THANK YOU!!!

or click the link below. PLEASE if you have a moment, LEAVE A COMMENT. You can say anything as long as you keep it clean - or they'll take it down. That's where we're most lacking.


[18 May 2009|11:45am]


Hahaha had to share these pics of Lucy in the bandanas! The expressions on her face crack me up!
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Revamped Animal Welfare/Resource/Rescue/Pet Blog! [26 Dec 2008|05:33pm]

I run a blog called A Furry Friend. It's dedicated to highlighting animals in need and to keep people informed on general animals news, stories, and events! I have helped many dogs and other animals through my blog.
I invite anyone to please submit any animals, stories, or events they'd like me to feature. You can contact me with information at afurryfriend@gmail.com.
If you know an animal  that is in immediate need of a rescue, adoption, foster, transportation, etc., please contact me as well!

I also have links to several animal rescue/welfare resources I've compiled, including: 

  • Rescue transportation services
  • Shelter/rescue directories
  • General animal welfare/rescue resources
  • A guide on how to report and stop internet animal abuse
  • A guide on how to help both domestic & wild animals in need
  • A guide to prepare your own animal rescue kit
These resources can be found by going to my blog and clicking on any of links under "A Furry Friend Resources" on the left-hand side.
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The Laughing Shih Tzu's say HAVE A Great Holiday tomorow! [24 Dec 2008|11:04pm]

Merry Christmas or Season Greetings, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,a Cool Yule! Took some pics of the crew plus the puppies (the four that are left)


BTW, Do you realze how hard it is to get them to sit still?
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FINALLY [06 Dec 2008|01:01pm]


We finally figured it out! The snuggly warm dog hat and scarf is finally here! After some long, hard, tedious work, we finally got them past production! We made them in 3 sizes, XS, SM, M/L. We're also almost done with the slotted hats for the ears to poke out of. I'll post images of those when they're finally ready as well!

Thanks everyone for all the feedback and suggestions! You flippin' ROCK!

(modeled by Stewie & Lucy wearing the size M/L)

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Halloween pictures! [10 Nov 2008|09:12am]

Well, the girls did dress up for halloween and entered a costume contest and had tons of pictures taken of them, problem... I can't find them! in the papers there are line up pictures and I have pictures of the dogs to the left and right of me. I'm not mad, actualy I find it pretty funny.

But anyway, I redressed the girls in thier costumes yesterday and took some pictures

Meet CHERRIE, the laughing shih Tzu [02 Nov 2008|10:55pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Asahi is gone, She Passed away and this past Christmas I got a liver (chocolate) Shih Tzu, Cherrie. Though no one at work believes me I swear that sometimes she laughs! (She gets this big smile and opens her mouth while wagging, So I call that her laugh.)

I named her Cherrie cause Chocolate covered Cherries are my fav candy. She had her baby coat shaved in June, so she looks shabby But here are some pictures of her:

"MOMMA! I don't like bows!"

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[18 Oct 2008|12:16pm]


So last night I was going through last winter's bag of ideas for winter dog hats and I found this funny red corduroy one which Stewie just loves to wear. I always laugh so hard when he wears this one but it poses a good question for this season's line of winter-wear....

What is in more of demand by the customer???
a) Dog hats with cute lil teddy ears on the side or
b) Dog hats with lil slits for the pet's real ears to poke out of?

Help me out here... Let's put it to a VOTE!
Reply to this post and tell me your opinion.
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grooming question [10 Oct 2008|03:42pm]

it's a 3 ring circus around our house to trim our dog's nails...any of you use pedipaws nail trimmer? what do you think?
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chocolate lab... [09 Oct 2008|12:36pm]


so i have sort of an odd question and livejournal seemed the right place to have it answered! not sure of your rules in this community so feel free to delete if im out of line here. it is dog related though :)

woofCollapse )any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

[18 Sep 2008|10:58pm]


What a pouter!
Oh boohoohoo...lol.
Jeez, how do they learn to make such pathetic expressions? My goodness...

Mr. Sway! [03 Sep 2008|07:39pm]


OMG! Check out this adorable nonsense!!! One of our customer's sent us in a photo of her boston terrier Mr. Sway wearing his customized & personalized carmel dog hoodie! Just look at his face! My my my, I can barely stand it!

damn.. [17 Jul 2008|03:19pm]

I feel so sick.. my dog died last night without me there, and I cannot stop thinking about how bad that must have been for him.. I fucking miss Bobby.

he is the one being slept on by his sister..
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I need some advice [15 Jul 2008|03:41pm]

I don't know how active this community still is, but I'd like to ask some advice from any readers.

I'm housesitting this week, and the house also came with two six year old border collies, who I am charged with watching after. Muffin, the girl, is a dream. She's been following me around and is at the moment lying on my feet.

The problem lies with Dougal, the male. The owner warned me before they left that ocassionally he gets bite aggressive, and has in the past bitten playmates of their children and people walking around the yard. Well, I'd been getting along great with him until about half an hour ago. I was walking by with Muffin, and he started snarling/growling at me. I firmly told him no, to stop it, and snapped my fingers at him. In the past, snapping my fingers had caused him to stop, and it also stops my dogs from being dog agressive. However, this time he leapt on me and bit my hand, breaking the skin.

So now my question is, what can I do about this to prevent it from happening again? Should I just ignore him when he's growling at me and walk away, or should I find a way to dicipline him to prevent being bitten again? I'm obviously going to tell his owner about this when I check in on her later today.

Thanks for any advice!
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new social network for pet lovers [16 Jun 2008|07:04pm]

Hey guys, I thought you all might be really interested in ZooToo.com which is a new social network for animal lovers (just like I said in the subject haha). I actually found my groomer with it using their pet services function. So if you're like me and have a dog AND a cat, this is a place where you can put them (and other kinds of pets/animals) up in your own zoo. there's also pet news, meet-up groups, product reviews by members, and tons of other stuff.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I'm looking to gain friends on there! OH and i almost forgot to mention that they do good for the animal community by making over shelters and giving a portion of the ad rev gained by people being on the site to shelters. i think that the more you use the site/invite people/make friends, the more $$ goes to the shelter of your choice... hence my motivation to get friends!!!!

Add me!!!!


What would you do if you can saev somebody's life? [16 Jun 2008|06:49pm]


Keller (blind/deaf 14yo Cocker Spaniel) [01 Jun 2008|05:32pm]


Although I haven't responded to many comments, I have read them all and cherish each one of them. Thank you all so much for your support and kind words through this difficult time for us.

Well, it's over. Keller is gone. She's an angel now. She can both see and hear now. I bet she's looking down on me thinking "So THAT's what she looks like!" I hope she thinks I'm as pretty as I think she was.

Keller and I spent the day together just like any other day. She slept really well that day in bed with me. The night before I had ordered a T-bone from work so that I could eat some of it and leave the rest for her. I wanted to use it to distract her from what was going to happen. I set up a blanket on the kitchen floor where she was used to laying. She and I laid on the floor with the steak while we waited for Dr. Stacy. She had called to say she would be a bit late, and the anxiety was starting to get to me. When she pulled in, Keller and I met her outside. Dr. Stacy had never met Keller before but she realized immediately how beautiful she was. Keller hit the grass and went pee like routine, then she began to circle. I picked her up before she got too worked up.

I invited Dr. Stacy and her assistant, Patrick, inside. I didn't want the whole procedure to be a big deal...I just wanted to distract my girl and let her go peacefully. The three of us sat down on the floor while I hugged Keller. I held her like this while the doctor gave her the first injection near her hip. This was supposed to calm her down and get her ready. I sat Indian-style on the floor and Keller laid in my lap, panting, but only slightly. She was very calm. She relaxed for about five minutes while I kind of explained the whole situation to Dr. Stacy. Finally, she asked me if we were ready...and I didn't hesitate. As she laid in my lap, the doctor shaved a small section of her forearm. Then she inserted the needle. It was a lot of liquid and it looked very thick. She started injecting Keller very very very slowly. I held her in my lap with one hand underneath her. I felt her heart go from rapid, to less rapid, to normal, to slower, to slow, until I couldn't feel her heart at all anymore. I knew she was gone...and there was a little bit more medicine to inject. As soon as I felt her heart stop a few tears fell from my eyes, but that was it. I used my free hand to close her eyes. I kissed the top of her head as I told her what a good girl she is. I told her I'd miss her and that she was an angel now. I told her she didn't have to be tired anymore. She didn't have to run in circles, she didn't have to miss me anymore. She could sleep well now.

She laid there in my lap while they did an imprint of her paw for me. I held her in my lap for a little while as the doctor and I spoke about other dogs we knew in common, like Vandi and Brynn's dog Duke that I'm sitting for this weekend. Finally she asked me if I was ready for them to take Keller. I didn't want it to be awkward, so I offered to carry her out. She felt so...heavy. So heavy and so...floppy. She's my girl. My good girl! I hugged her very tightly as I walked her out to the car. I placed her on the sheet in the doctor's backseat. Her tongue was sticking out, so I told her to stick it back in her mouth and I helped her. :( She was a happy girl to be gone, I think.

I had been warned that she might release her bladder or bowels, or a slight groan. None of these things happened. She went peacefully and was so ready...so very tired...so ready and tired. It wasn't a very traumatizing experience, honestly. It's just lonely without her. I've been keeping her in mind with every decision I've made with how to use my time for the past six months. I've had to worry about her, wonder about her, and plan for her. She's been a constant responsibility of mine. It's just...different without her here. I'm more free, but it's uncomfortable. I'm used to planning for her...and ignoring anything keeping me at home has been very awkward. I have Guinness and Duke here with me for the weekend, and I am so thankful for that. I still have my Ary and Ada, but things just won't be the same for awhile. I have to clean the house on Sunday. Finally the house will be clean and stay clean without Keller the peedog. I think it'll be hard coming home and now smelling her. Not running up the stairs from my car in excitement to see her. I really did look forward to her waking up as she smelled me walk in the door. I'd always try and trick her and see how long it would take her to notice I was home, but it never took her long. She was such a very good girl. SUCH a good dog...and now she's a very happy girl too.

I love you Keller with all my heart and I thank you for teaching me the most devoted form of patience I could ever experience. I am so glad you are no longer tired...you are my angel.

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