Care (carebearlin) wrote in dog_tales,

I need some advice

I don't know how active this community still is, but I'd like to ask some advice from any readers.

I'm housesitting this week, and the house also came with two six year old border collies, who I am charged with watching after. Muffin, the girl, is a dream. She's been following me around and is at the moment lying on my feet.

The problem lies with Dougal, the male. The owner warned me before they left that ocassionally he gets bite aggressive, and has in the past bitten playmates of their children and people walking around the yard. Well, I'd been getting along great with him until about half an hour ago. I was walking by with Muffin, and he started snarling/growling at me. I firmly told him no, to stop it, and snapped my fingers at him. In the past, snapping my fingers had caused him to stop, and it also stops my dogs from being dog agressive. However, this time he leapt on me and bit my hand, breaking the skin.

So now my question is, what can I do about this to prevent it from happening again? Should I just ignore him when he's growling at me and walk away, or should I find a way to dicipline him to prevent being bitten again? I'm obviously going to tell his owner about this when I check in on her later today.

Thanks for any advice!
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