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A home for dog people and their stories!
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Hello and Welcome to Dog Tales! This is a (genereally) friendly group of doggie people, dogs, and their owners.

Our Story:
While searching around Live Journal’s various communities I found that the majority of the dog communities just didn’t "cut it" for me due to various reasons.

What we’re all about:
I wanted to create a friendly dog community were people can talk openly about their dogs and dog related stories, fears, questions, and problems. One common problem I’ve found among dog communities, not only here in LJ but across the internet, is so many are owned/moderated by people that are anti-certain breeds of dogs. I find this troubling because of all the breed hate and legislation and bad media, I feel it’s important in a community about dogs to NOT be bias about particular breeds and accept all dogs as they are. I even own a few of those “vicious beasts” and love them dearly!

I would like for this community to be busy and fun! I plan to keep things as friendly as possible, but arguments and debates do happen, let’s as a community try to keep them at least civilized. I don’t like over moderating my communities, I feel a community too moderated will eventually go stagnate, I only get involved if things get out of hand… But, that rarely happens thank goodness!

What sorts of things will we be discussing here or can you discuss?
Well, of course all your dog tales!! Share those stories! Happy, sad, tragic, joyful, let us hear them! We are all here, after all, for the dogs! Everyone is welcome, whether your dog is mixed or pure bred, a family pet, a working dog, or competitively shown. Share the joys and challenges of the dog/human relationship with all of us!

Although we do try to stay on topic, *DOGS*, as much as possible, people have been known to stray to other topics. That’s perfectly acceptable, but try to keep to topic as much as possible. This group very few rules, but they are strictly enforced!

So, what are these rules?:

All I ask is that you keep things civil and try to stay on topic as much as possible! That’s pretty much it. Don’t get too aggressive with the members and there won’t be any problems from my end!

So, what sort of stuff is “on topic”?:
Of course ANYTHING about dogs! You’ll see discussions about agility, flyball, herding, Search and Rescue, working dogs, conformation showing, feeding, raw diets, training, grooming, training, cute stories, sad stories, help finding the right dog, help adopting a dog, we’ve all pretty much gone to the dogs! Whatever strikes your fancy, so long as it’s about dogs, feel free to discuss it!!

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made" - M. Facklam

What sort of FUN stuff can I expect?:
Once this community takes of, I will be holding all sorts of fun programs and interesting tidbits of information. My plans are to:

* Have regularly posted profiles on breeds with information about the breed.
* Monthly theme based photo contests! The winner gets a “Dog Tales” banner for their information page!
* The winner from each month’s photo contest will also be “featured” on the community information page for a full month!
* Bi-monthly polls for the community on general doggy stuff!
* Regular updates on interesting seminars, sport events, and other dog related programs happening across the United States and Canada


Common problems and some help:
Puppy biting
Leash pulling

Other Useful Training sites:
http://www.sitstay.com/index.shtml Sit, Stay
http://www.dogwise.com/ Dog Wise
http://www.apdt.com Association of Pet Dog Trainers (I’m a member!)
http://www.atts.org/ American Temperament Test Society
http://www.unchainyourdog.org Why you should NOT have your dog chained outside

Other Useful dog related sites:
http://www.akc.org American Kennel Club
http://www.ukcdogs.com United Kennel Club
http://www.arba.org American Rare Breed Association
http://www.adoa.org American Dog owners Association website
http://www.petfinder.org/ Petfinder! Find a pet in need near you!
http://www.aspca.org ASPCA Website
http://www.badrap.org Bad Rap, a site for Pits and Bully breeds
http://www.pbrc.net Another Bully site worth checking out
http://www.stoppuppymills.org Info on Puppy mills
http://www.dogwatch.net Info on BSL’s
http://www.dogbitelaw.com Legal information for dog owners
http://www.dogbreedinfo.com General Dog information
http://www.doginfomat.com/b4ugetadog.htm Before you get your dog…
http://www.canismajor.com/dog/puppymil.html More Puppy Mill information
http://www.avma.org/careforanimals/animatedjourneys/pethealth/canine.asp Canine Illnesses and diseases
http://www.avidmicrochip.com/ Microchipping information
http://www.merckvetmanual.com/mvm/index.jsp TONS of information on dog health and diseases!!
http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/OtherBreedBites/AllDogsBite.htm Other breeds attacking, it’s not always the Bullies!
Should you breed your dog??


Some other great communities worth checking out:
germanshepherds Live Journals' original German Shepherd Community!
herdingdogs A community for herding breeds and dogs that herd
breedists_no For the misunderstood dogs... it's not the breed, it's the person behind it
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positivelydog A group for people that positively train their dogs!!
petinfo A Informational and general pet care community
shelter_tails A community for Shelter workers and their stories
driveforlife A community for Rescue Transport!!

That about covers it! If you have any questions please direct them to the list owner/moderator:my3babies
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